European Retina Meeting 2015


I just attended the European Retina Meeting in Brighton, which, surprisingly boasted 5 days of sunshine and blue skies (see right).

We had organized a sattelite meeting on retinal ganglion cell classification on the first day. Sebastian Seung presented his latest advances on morphological classification of RGCs (his museum can be found here). EJ Chichilnisky showed his advances on finding rare cell types in the macaque retina, before I presented our work on functional RGC classification. Then Josh Sanes introduced new techniques for obtained single cell transcriptomes and a proof of principle for retina bipolar cell type classification. Estuardo Robles shared his data on the role of RGC projections in defining cell types before Andy Huberman talked about possibilities to link cell types across multiple modalities. It was an exciting, discussion-rich day with lots of new information.

The main meeting was also very intense, with lots of great talks. In particular, Markus Meister presented convincing data on a new fourth alpha-like RGC type in the mouse retina, in good agreement with our data. The dominating topic was direction selectivity, with many interesting contributions.